Get Paid Sexting -10 Best Phone Sexting Companies Jobs Hiring

Get Paid Sexting -10 Best Phone Sexting Companies Jobs Hiring

Do you have a bubbly and chatty personality? If you do, you can make some extra money as a sex chat operator by sexting and chatting with strangers online.

Sexting is a much lighter kind of sexual activity, as all you have to do is to text and flirt in a controlled environment.

We have discussed more unusual or weird ways of making money online, such as selling feet pictures online and getting paid to be an online friend.

Phone sex is basically an improvised theater, with two voices adding to a scene that they create as they play along.

Professional phone sex strongly implies that the client is always right, which means that a major improv rule applies: never say “no,” always say “yes, and…”

Adult sex chat jobs or text chat operator jobs allow you to work from home and are a fun, flexible, and legitimate way to earn money!

If you’re solely interested in sex chat operator jobs where you’ll get paid to text men, it’s best to go with a site specializing in phone sex rather than one that concentrates on other adult services outside phone sex.

So what are the best places to look for phone sexting jobs and which reputable phone operator companies are currently hiring?

If you’re looking for online sexting jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home, this article will look at;

Additionally, if you’re searching for Phone Sexting Jobs and want to get paid for sexting, you’ve come to the correct place…. continue reading and learn how to become a phone sex operator

1. FlirtBucks

One key benefit of working for Flirtburks is that you’ll not be expected to engage in any nudity or severe pornographic behaviors as part of your job description.

Flirtbucks gives you the freedom to choose your customers, decide what you want to talk to them about, and even choose your own work hours. As a result, even when you are getting paid to chat with strangers, your safety is guaranteed.

Flirtbucks pay well, too. You will earn approximately 5 cents per minute for texting and 30 cents per minute for video calls.

As you continue to use Flirtbucks, your earnings will increase to 50 cents per minute after six months of use.

Flirtbucks is among the best sexting websites therefore, if you’re trying to make money chatting dirty online, flirtbuck should be your first stop.

2. Phrendly

If you want to make money by sexting or flirting over the phone, Phrendly is one of the most popular phone sexting companies available.

To discourage catfishing and ensure your safety, they do not allow you to upload external photographs to your profile; instead, they use special inbuild software to take your unique photos using a webcam.

Additionally, they allow you to “share a drink” with a monetary value. If someone comes back to you to “share a drink,” it becomes a real monetary value.

For instance, if you have 20 drinks, the monetary value is $200, meaning that each drink is valued at $10.

You can also turn on the “gifts” feature and receive multiple tokens of appreciation from your clients, in addition to making money by flirting with texts.

For instance, you can obtain a virtual bottle of champagne valued at $100 or a dozen roses valued at $60.

So, are you’re looking for a Phone Sexting Companies Jobs where you’ll get paid to chat with strangers? If you answered yes, Phrendly offers adult texter jobs that allow you to earn money by chatting, messaging, sexting, and flirting in a safe and secure environment.

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