Stands – proper Old Willow.This is among the most generally collected of most Booths models.

Stands – proper Old Willow.This is among the most generally collected of most Booths models.

This is actually the the majority of widely built-up of most Booths habits, and is developed for many associated with the 20th 100 years, finally going to a conclusion in 1999.

Begin to see the bottom with this webpage for info on various models of proper Old Willow, their unique DATING, in addition to routine data 9072 and A8025.

Dishes, bowls, offering dishes

In various sizes and shapes

Tea and java ware

Cups of numerous size and shapes, teas and java containers, sugar bowls, etc.

Various other things

The Different Varieties of Genuine Old Willow

Silver Gilding on the rim as well as escort reviews Denton the interior band completely in silver. This is basically the many very prized by lovers.

Brown No gilding from the rim, inner musical organization in brown just. It seems that the brown got released across period of the 1939-46 combat as gold was at short offer.

Silver and brown Silver on rim nevertheless main portion of the interior musical organization is brown, flanked by two silver rings.

We feel this is created by including gilding into brown type – when you look at the photograph possible obviously notice that about sample the silver group does not correctly mask the brown below.

Additionally there are present two unique models, more widespread A8025 and also the previous (and difficult to track down) 9072 pattern, which might be accepted conveniently by additional antique lettering in mark (see examples below).

For additional information on models, a valuation manual and a list of all the different stuff understood, kindly see William Parkin’s The Earthenwares of stands 1864-1948 (an enthusiast’s Tips Guide), ISBN: 0 9530976 0 9.

A Note from the matchmaking of 9072 and A8025

Dating of the two AUTHENTIC OLD WILLOW designs is debatable. Parkin observe the knowledge offered in Geoffrey Godden’s Encyclopedia of British ceramic & Porcelain markings, which indicates these dates for Booths china:

9072 “Crown” level


9072 “Crown” mark


The right relationships are found below

A8025 “Book” level


Study undertaken by Conrad Biernacki released during the April 1984 problem of Willow Transfer Quarterly backs within the earlier chronology. Note the immediate following:

MADE IN THE UNITED KINGDOMT was actually added to the “Crown” mark following Basic business combat.

9072 and A8025 usually do not overlap – A8025 superceded 9072 around 1944. Per Mr Biernacki, the numbering program beginning with an “A” was just started in 1944.

Not even close to pre-dating 1930 (because would-be inferred from consulting “Godden”), stuff because of the “Book” backstamp can actually date from because late as 1981. These details can be put on other habits using this mark eg Pompadour, Friesian, an such like.

These times associate with the help of our findings of impressed date stamps on various significant past Willow flatware. The day stamps, whenever existing, take the form of three or four data, typically combined with the word BOOTHS, and provide the thirty days and year of create of clay muscles where the move was actually fired. Below are a few examples:

335 – March 1935 1127 – November 1927 9.16 – Sep 1916

Sadly, most retailers nonetheless insist upon the dates written by Godden, even when products tend to be demonstrably impressed with contradictory time stamps. This misunderstandings is prevalent amongst additional stands designs with the Silicon Asia “Crown” mark, such as Parrot, Netherlands, Pagoda, an such like, of all made much afterwards than the supposed 1912 cut-off aim, as well as obvious from satisfied dates.

Once the stands factory closed in 1981, Royal Doulton chose to manage production of REAL OLD WILLOW, the help of its very own backstamp, including the words “The Majestic range”. This array was actually produced on a translucent asia body instead of the opaque Silicon Asia one, and was at manufacturing from 1982 until 1999. These later stuff with all the Doulton backstamp continue to be accessible, however they are too latest to-be interesting to many collectors.

As a result of Fran Entwhistle for drawing the Biernacki article to your focus.

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