2021 Prizes.The brand-new European Bauhaus has the ambition to really make the Green Price a cultural, human-centred and good, physical experience.

2021 Prizes.The brand-new European Bauhaus has the ambition to really make the Green Price a cultural, human-centred and good, physical experience.

State of play

The winners from the awards are increasingly being recognized, and soon everyone else creating participated are going to have been wise of how their own proposals have been received because of the public voting and of her standing amongst the finalists after the examination on the couples’ jury as well as the assessment committee, as expressed into the “Guide to applicants”.

We thank you whole-heartedly for your initiatives on providing the countless, very interesting proposals.

Anyone should certainly think, see and feel the green and digital change and the way it increases the standard of living.

To speed up the eco-friendly change, donate to the recuperation and ensure a far better lifestyle with each other for many, we must capitalise regarding present insightful insights, feel and capabilities everything to demand new visions, a few ideas and expertise. The fresh European Bauhaus awards will encourage that.

The 2021 edition in the Prizes will contribute to the style level in the step.

The gifts acknowledge and celebrate current accomplishment and support the more youthful generation to further build emerging principles and some ideas. They provide presence to instances and principles that illustrate just how beautiful, lasting, comprehensive places currently occur within our territories, all of our communities plus our very own ways, paving the best way to the long run.

You will have rewards in 10 various groups. In all the classes there are 2 parallel opposition strands:

  • Latest European Bauhaus Awards for current done examples/projects
  • Brand new European Bauhaus climbing performers for principles or tactics presented by younger skills aged 30 or much less

The winners in each classification will get:

  • EUR 30 000 and an interaction plan for brand new European Bauhaus Awards
  • EUR 15 000 and a communications plan the New European Bauhaus climbing performers

Who is able to apply and also by whenever?

Solutions could be provided because of the individual(s) plus the organization(s) entitled to signify the effort. Joint applications are permitted. The application shall contain an explanation on the role associated with the candidate entity(-ies) into the job.

The solutions for any unique European Bauhaus increasing movie stars can be provided by people or categories of people aged 30 or much less about conclusion time of this phone call.

Applicants is EU or non-EU people, as long as their unique project/idea are or will likely be produced and implemented in EU.

Applications may be changed provided that they might be in draft function.

The due date for articles is on 1 June 2021 11:59:59 was CET (midday). [NB: distribution course extended by 12 hours]

How exactly to pertain?

The program cycle the brand-new European Bauhaus gifts 2021 has actually ended.

To apply, one had to visit the concentrated platform with advice on various types of the gifts plus the step-by-step guidelines for applicants.

What is further?

From 23 April to 1 Summer 2021 we gotten significantly more than 2 000 solutions. The eligibility monitors have now been finalised.

Qualified programs will likely be up for voting by New European Bauhaus publication customers who’ve registered by 31 might 2021.The public voting needs put from 11 to 18 Summer 2021.

The 60 shortlisted records (leading 3 records per group) is visible from the awards system. They’ve been examined by a jury made up of recognized partners of effort.

The evaluation process would be finalised an the awards might be granted by assessment panel from the fee.

The winners should be recognized following the summer time. The reward service takes put on 16 Sep. Stay tuned!

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